Dalsbygda is a unique and beautiful mountain village located near the border between Innlandet and Trøndelag counties, only a 20 minute drive form Røros, and a 40 minute drive from Tynset. This isolated, peaceful paradise has about 600 residents and plenty of opportunities, character and charm, it’s buzzing with life, and is a small world by its own right. It’s a place where you can retreat, lower your shoulders and find the peace and tranquility that is so easily lost in your everyday life. The local grocery store, Joker, is in the heart of the village, but you’re only a short drive away from several other shops in the neighboring villages. Despite its small and compact central business district, Dalsbygda has an enormous area, with fantastic opportunities for hiking, whether you prefer forest or mountain terrain – or perhaps you wish to experience summer pasture farming? All this can be found within Dalsbygda’s borders.

Food and culture

Kølbua Kafe

 The village has a variety of places offering food and cultural activities. Kølbua Kafé in the core of the central business district, is an essential meeting place and cultural location, placed in the middle of Meierigården. The café is open on weekends in the winter, and just about every day during the summer. The café is an important part of Dalsbygda’s cultural life, hosting parties, concerts, meetings and other events.

Right next to the Kølbua café, at Rønningen Gård, lies Rønningslemmen, a modern and unique party venue with high quality food and drinks, and a wonderful atmosphere. Everything form Christmas parties to conferences are being held here, and the employees handle everything regarding your experience; accommodation, transport to Rønningen Gård, catering, projectors and microphones for seminars and conferences, etc. You’ll have an experience you’re not likely to forget.

If you visit Vangrøftdalen during the summer, you should stop by Utistuvollen Seterkafé (a café located at a summer pasture farm) – you must experience this hidden gem to understand its splendor. Here you can buy homemade, traditional food in incredible surroundings, and it’s not unusual for sheep and cows grazing in the area to come by for a visit. This outdoor café serves food often associated with traditional Norwegian summer pasture farming, such as “setervaffel” waffles, “skjørost og rømme” a dairy based dish native to the district, “tynning” a kind of pastry, and lots of other tasty treats. Since it’s an outdoor café, it would be wise to dress according to the weather. This wonderful little café gives you a chance to socialize and meet other people nearby.

Sports and activities

In addition to the countless hiking possibilities, Dalsbygda also has an extensive environment for various sports. The local sports club, Nansen, has branches for several sports, like skiing, gymnastics, soccer and handball. The skiing environment has always been deep-rooted in the society, with races in the local tracks, and ski jumping competitions in Åsenkollen, the ski jumping hill located in Jakobsåsen. In Jakobsåsen you’ll find a variety of amazing hiking trails, both during summer and winter. A popular destination among the locals is “Appelsinvarden”.
There’s also a lot happening in the other branches of the sports club, where people, both young and old, participate in various activities. IL Nansen is a sports club with a lot of history and is the base for Dalsbygda’s local newspaper Nordavær – a newspaper containing local news from the village society, published quarterly.
IL Nansen is an important part of Dalsbygda. In addition, you’re only a short drive (less than 10 minutes) away from the center of the municipality, Os, where you’ll find Oshallen with indoors and outdoors sports arenas, and “Aktiviteten Treningssenter” (a gym/fitness center) among other things.

Climate in Dalsbygda

Dalsbygda has an inland climate with little precipitation and cold winters, therefore long and stable winters, and guaranteed ski trails for the Easter holidays. The summers are relatively cool, due to the height above sea level, but temperatures above 30 degrees can occur in June, July and August, although the temperatures can vary a lot between night and day.

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Jakobsåsen Hyttegrend is the perfect place for anyone who wants easy access to sports, culture, nature and a lively village society, as well as something to call their own to retreat to. You’ll live at the top of the world, with perfect view of the nearby valleys and the majestic Hummelfjell, where your opportunities is just a footstep away.